Grothendieck and the (generalized) Hodge conjecture

Grothendieck famously wrote a paper called Hodge’s general conjecture is false for trivial reasons. In this post, I would like to record, for my own benefit, some of the observations made in it.

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Functions nice in each variable separately

Consider the following question. If {f:{\mathbb R}^2\rightarrow {\mathbb R}} is continuous in each variable separately, need it be continuous in both? Although Cauchy (incorrectly) said it should, note it is not even obvious that it should be measurable.

A classical example is

\displaystyle  f(x,y):= \frac {xy}{x^2+y^2}

Defining {f(0,0)=0}, this function is real-analytic in each variable separately, but it is not even continuous at the origin.

By contrast, in the complex-analytic situation we have the following result.

Theorem 1 (Hartogs) Suppose {f:{\mathbb C}^{n_1}\times {\mathbb C}^{n_2}\rightarrow {\mathbb C}} is holomorphic in each variable separately. Then {f} is holomorphic on {{\mathbb C}^{n_1+n_2}}.

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